36 Flag Practice Test Generator

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As we all wait to compete again, and eagerly await competing at Rock River Regatta. I want you to be able to return to our site, not just for RRR news and updates, but for practice in all the different Scouting events that are out there. Therefore, we are building out different resources you can use to practice all year long.

One of the first things we created was a 36 Flag Test Generator. The tool will create a printable sheet of all 36 flags, in a random order, just like you’ll find at RRR. You can toggle the answers on the generated sheet as well.  So don’t forget to print out both for your whole unit to practice and compare answers.

If you have any other ideas for resources you would like to see contact us.

Also, if you are a part of a unit that hosts another competition, or Scouting event let us know. We’d love to see the details and help promote your event. Doesn’t have to be just in Wisconsin, or even the midwest. Send us the information to review and we’ll probably at least post it as a blog entry and a post on our Facebook page.