Thank you, everyone, for your interest in Rock River Regatta! As of today, May 25th, our plans for hosting the event are a GO! However, we may have to make last-minute changes and/or cancelations based on health restrictions and anticipated participation. If you have not reached out to us, please do so by emailing us at with an estimate on the number of youth and leader participants you hope to have attend.

As mentioned previously this year, we are watching the Covid-19 situation and how it will affect Rock River Regatta. We have already reduced the number of events, and water exposure, to reduce the amount of interaction needed between attendees.

Current CDC guidelines have significantly changed for fully vaccinated people, allowing them to attend events without a mask. We are aware that the Pfizer shot is now available for more youth, and that some of you will meet the requirements for being fully vaccinated by June 19th but since many will not, ALL ATTENDEES WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK while in attendance. We realize this is not what many of you want to hear, but was the only way we could reasonably assure the safety of all scouts while also respecting pertinent medical information privacy policies.

Hand Sanitizer will be made available at different spots throughout the competition grounds, which you are encouraged to use before and after participating in events. Restrooms will also be available for those who prefer handwashing to hand sanitizers.

We are not requiring you to bring with you a completed COVID Prescreen Form. However, we have updated our Permission Slips to include a COVID-19 statement.

I understand that Scouting activities risk potential exposure of COVID-19 and/or other illnesses. I will take precautions day of the event including checking my temperature, practicing social distancing, using hand sanitizer and/or washing my hands regularly, and WILL WEAR A FACEMASK (unless eating or drinking).

Click on the following links to get the updated Brochure and Permissions Slips