Inspection, Drilling, and Maneuvering

*(Separate Trophy event – Not part of the “Turf” events or “Surf” events, but part of the Overall Trophy scoring).
Minimum Team of 5. No place points for inspection only – Must attempt 50% of commands.

2 minutes 30 seconds minimum. 4 minutes time limit. Basic/Beginner drill ONLY. Drill area: Standard HS Basketball court. Formal dress inspection of members and presentation of the unit will begin outside the gym. Then units may change shoes for competition in the gymnasium- non-marking soft soles only. Scored on the uniformity of dress, (with Unit, location, and Scouting affiliation), and use of drilling area, spacing, marching and maneuvering, execution and
compliance with judging ONLY on the 16 required movements, (not in order): Fall In, Attention, Parade Rest, At Ease, Dress Right, Forward March, Halt, Right Face, Left Face, About Face, Right Flank, Left Flank, Column Right, Column Left, To the Rear March, Dismissed.
Following the inspection, the Crew’s DI will present to the judges. The drill teams will receive a drill card with 7 movements that must be done at the beginning of their drill, before any other movements, and in the order given on the card, after which the drill team can then finish the other required drill movements as they desire. Units will not have points deducted for the non-uniformity of shoes for the actual competition because of the shoe requirement for the gym.
Units may perform the required elements as many times as desired for your routine. There will be no additional points awarded for advanced maneuvers, but you are welcome to use them, and no points will be deducted.* Out of respect for the judges and other involved units, only serious participants competing, please. Non-conforming units may be disqualified.*
Time begins at “Fall In” and ends with “Dismissed”. The purpose of the drill is to move the crew in an organized fashion from place to place. Points deducted for less than 2 minutes 30 seconds or exceeding 4 minutes of Drill and Maneuvering time, for continuous cadence calling, for failure to include all members of your unit (at the regatta) in the drill routine. No deductions for drill teams of 12 or more. [Exceptions will be made for members who have joined after January 1, or 1 member (possibly more for larger units) to allow for specific drill formations (i.e. 8 out of 9 compete to have 2 ranks of 4 members)] Color Guards may post the unit flags, but are expected to participate in the performance of commands. Top Mariner/Senior Girl Scout Unit and Top Sea Scout/Venture Crew Unit will each receive Trophy Plaques. Judges’ rankings will break all ties.