"Smurf" Events

“Just for the Fun of It”

-Not part of any Trophy Competition-Ribbons awarded!

WAIT WHAT! NO TROPHY!!!! Thanks go to a donation from our friend, starting in 2023 there will be a SMURF TROPHY.  Meet Vincenzo the “Smurf” !

Smurf points will be award like most events. The unit mixer you will get the combined points of your units 2 best finishes.  You’ll get full points from your Leaders best Pun finish.  Along with points for how your STEM Project does.


Leader Event: 1 Leader per unit will compete in saying Dad Jokes. Bring your best and your puniest. If you don’t bring your own, some might be available day of.


Full Unit: Over the course of the day, you will build a downhill racer. The racer specifications and objectives will be given day of the event along with a package of supplies. You will get up to 5 attempts to complete the objective.


Team of 4::  Two from  Mariner/GS units, two from  Sea Scout/Venture/BSA units.

Past Mixed Surprised Events

2021 – Mental Blocks Board Game – Teams arranged blocks of a 3D puzzle only knowing information about 1 side of the final shape. For more information about this board game check it out on BoardGameGeeks.com Website.

2022 – Puzzle Panic – Teams were given a pile of 5, 24 to 50 piece puzzles, which they had to work together to put together.