"Surf" Events

Please note all Surf events could bring you in contact with water. Some may take place outdoors. Plan accordingly.


4-member team, timed event: Your ship is sinking fast, and you must secure your lifejacket for survival in high seas before rescue.” Each person properly puts on a regulation Coast Guard approved collar type Life jacket, then “when ready to swim for it,” takes it off, returns to the start line and tags the next person.

Event Start and Life Jacket will be placed about 25 feet apart.


Team of up to four scouts: We are days from land and freshwater. Unfortunately, the drinking water tank is found leaking. Scouts, one at a time, will operate a hand-powered bilge pump (15 seconds per scout) to save the water that is slowly leaking into the galley. Aiming towards a collection bucket, too big to move, saves the good water, for surely the crew will die if the freshwater is lost. Total time allotted: # Scouts x 15 seconds = 60 seconds maximum.


Team of up to four scouts: Water is coming in through a crack of your sub, but it is down a narrow corridor barely wider than a single person. Knowing you’ll be at it for hours, you brought chairs with you. Collecting buckets of water, one at a time, you will fill a bucket and dump it over your head into a teammate’s bucket. They will then proceed to do it down the line. The 4th person in line will pour their bucket, again overhead, into a final collection bucket. After which, everyone will switch positions until all 4 people have been the 1st and last person. The final amount of water collected will determine the place.


Team of 3. 10-minute time limit:: You are asleep in your cots at the fire station. It is just past midnight—the alarm sounds. You and your crew must don your firefighting gear, hook up the hoses, and put out the flames.
(There may be an alternative event in case of inclement weather.)


Team of 1- 4. A nuclear reactor coolant pipe has burst in the forward engine room. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is for your damage control team to work together to repair the pipe to save the submarine and its crew. We’ll understand if any crew ends up glowing in the dark at the dance.