"Turf" Events

Turf events are land events. Some may take place outdoors. Plan accordingly.


4-member team, timed event:: The team members must diagnose and demonstrate treatment where possible, using supplies provided. Those treatments that cannot be demonstrated must be explained. May include CPR. This will be run in a “relay fashion.” It is a timed event. Questions and techniques are taken from the Boy Scout Handbook and First Aid Merit Badge Book.

HEAVING LINE/Alumni Heaving Line

Team of 3: Each person attempts 3 throws of a weighted rope (monkey’s fist) in one minute. The target consists of point sections valued at 1-3-5-3-1 at a distance of about 30 feet. A total of 9 throws will be the team’s score. Tiebreaker: least “0” throws, then most “5” throws, then most “3” throws, then average time.


4-member team: Teams will be timed to complete rigging of a double/triple block combination, with the blocks perpendicular, pulling blocks apart until 100 feet of line is taut, utilizing a bowline on the block and a figure-eight stopper knot on the running end.


4-member team, timed event: No talking is allowed. Eight knots out of ten will be tied.

A (*) following the knot means the knot must be tied on a horizontal bar (broomstick/closet rod). Knots: square, marling hitch* (a separated clove hitch is not acceptable), two half-hitches*, taut-line hitch, bowline, sheet bend, figure eight, sheepshank, clove hitch*, cleat hitch(“flag pole knot”). The ropes used are 5 feet long. Eight ropes are provided. One knot per rope. 2 knots per person. Only 50 % correct needed to place; Ten-minute time limit. 30 seconds added per mistake.

Event Start and Knot table will be spaced 25 to 30 feet apart.


3-member team. Supplies: (2) lengths of 1/2′” manila rope. One Scout will complete an end or back splice, while another completes the eye splice. The two ropes will then be given to the third member of the team who will be joining the two rope lengths with a short splice. Three tucks minimum each strand. Scoring based on accuracy and neatness; time will be used to break all ties. Teams may supply “whipping material” for the strand ends. 30-second penalty for each missed or incorrect tuck. Only 50 % needed to place; 75% correct needed to qualify for Marlin Spike Seamanship Trophy. 10-minute time limit.


1 to 4-member team. Each unit provides up to 4 readers: This will be a written test. Each reader will compete separately, and the individual scores will be added for the team’s score. Readers are expected to know all 26 alphabetical and 10 numerical (0-9) code flags. Alphabetical flags will be posted on 8 1/2” x 11” paper. The first sheet will contain all 36 flags in random order, followed by 2 pages of “messages” to be decoded. Tiebreaker (test page 4) will be matching 6 flags with their individual meaning. Each reader will have up to 2 ½ -minutes to finish the score sheets’ flag code. All units will compete at the same time in the gym at 1 pm. We know, given more time, most of you can score 100%. Please understand, time is specifically set to be insufficient to complete all sheets, so the most correct completed in the time allotted decides place finish.


4-member team, timed event: Each person crosses the start line, chooses one of 32 compass point tags, places it on the board, returns to the start line, and tags the next person. No talking is allowed. North will be marked. You may place tags on top of one another, but you may not uncover tags. No tag can be moved once you turn away or take two steps from the board. Each team member will place 8 tags on the board. There is a ten-minute time limit. 30 seconds added per mistake. 

Event Start and Compass Board table will be spaced about 25 feet away.


4-member team. You were not able to save your boat from taking on too much water. You safely make to shore, but have to navigate over several obstacles to get a safe spot on this unfamiliar land. 


The weight limit is 700 lbs. for GS/MS units, and 800 lbs. for BSA units. Each unit will weigh in and have his/her hand stamped during check in. No cleated boots or shoes. No trenching. Girl Scouts/Mariners and BSA units are in separate, single-elimination brackets. Move the center flag past a designated mark. Gloves may be worn. Participants will not be allowed to tie or cross-wrap the rope.