Happy Thanksgiving to our Scouting Community

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We hope everyone has had a great and safe time with their families over the last couple of days and moving into all of the December holidays.

To our extended friends and family and the costs of everything on a constant rise. We try to keep the overall costs to our youth as low as possible. With you support and donations we can continue to do that.

For every $5 a month or $60 a year donation made between now and Christmas I will add $5 to your donation, increasing it’s impact on our scouting community.

Donations are tax deductible.
Plus we’ll put your name our website and brochure materials for your donation. You can remain anonymous on those as well if you choose.
Funds go to help keep the cost of the event down, along with us to be able to buy new supplies like a Tug of War Rope, Trophies, and various other items.
Some long term goals include a trailer to store and transport supplies, a giant fantastic special head to head trophy, and even set a side money to create a scholarship/grant for our scouting youth.
Donate through our PayPal Page here, and help us continue supporting our area scouting youth.

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