Knots Resource and Code Flag Friday!

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Thank you WAM for finding this neat resource for showing how to tie knots. I believe I as all RRR knots on here except for the marling hitch.

Take a look at

It definitely gives me ideas on how we can create our own tutorials to host, but for now, head on over there, take a look and get ready for the Knot Tying Relay.

Rember the 10 knots you need to know are the square, marling hitch* (a separated clove hitch is not acceptable), two half-hitches*, taut-line hitch, bowline, sheet bend, figure eight, sheepshank, clove hitch*, cleat hitch(“flag pole knot”).


Now for Code Flag Friday. Here is your test and answer key.

Sample Test 09 April 2021

Answer Key to Sample Test 09 April 2021



Hope to see you all in June!