Lima Kilo – Code Flag Cards

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What better way to introduce our Code Flag Flash Cards than on Code Flag Friday!

These Code Flag Cards are a standard size deck of cards. They have a linen finish along with a UV Coat making them pretty nice to the touch and durable.

36 cards in a box. A thru Z, 0-9. Sorry, no Code or Substitutes. We don’t really use them at these competitions anyways.

Each card is double side. The first side is just the Code Flag, positioned so you can grab the bottom and quiz a friend. The reverse side has the code flag, the Letter, the Spelling, and the Pronunciation, along with the Morse Code. For those who wish to add that skill set to their repertoire.  The box sports Morse Code as well if you ever need to use it in a pinch. No need to pull out all the cards one by one. It’s right there for your convenience.


We currently have 10 Sets available. $20 for the first box, $15 for each extra set in the same shipment. Otherwise Free Shipping.  If we run out we can definitely order more.  Contact us so we can discuss how to get you a copy!  For whatever reason you lose or destroy a card, contact us as well. We can discuss getting you single replacement cards at $1 apiece.

And now back to Code Flag Fridays! Here are your sample test and answer keys for this week.

March 12 Sample Test

March 12 Answer Key