Penguins are Coming!

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Winter Amidships is getting closer!

WAM is still scheduled for February 26th at the National Guard in Fond du Lac. Has your unit registered?

You can register online here:! Based on what we can see on WAM Facebook page there are only 85 slots left for registration.

If you need code flag practice check out our 36 code flag sheet generator.

If you want to practice compass board on your computer or your phone take a look at our online compass board simulator.

Lastly, if you would like to purchase Internation Code Flag Pins please contact us.  Pins measure about 1inch square and can come with a deluxe or rubber back. We hope to be able to bring some to WAM if we ourselves are able to be in attendance. Pins are $5 each, and we’ll cover shipping if you buy 4 or more (the continental US, which most of you probably are).