Over time we hope to create a library of information that will help you compete at Rock River Regatta and other surrounding area events.





36 Flag Code Flag Generator

This will allow you to create a 36 Flag Test similar to one that will be used at Rock River Regatta. Note, the 36 Flag Test is just part of code flags. There will also be 3 messages, and a meanings page as well. Generate a 36 Flag Test Here.

Compass Board Practice

If you are looking for a little compass practice, check out our little “game”.  It probably isn’t perfect, but right now you can practice 4, 8, 16, or 32 point compass.  32 points don’t fit on a mobile phone, I would think most tablets could be okay. Also, currently, once a tag is placed. The location is locked.  Click here for Compass Board Practice.

Patch Coloring Page

If you would like to help pick colors for the 2022 competition please download our coloring page and send us your design! Patch Coloring Page