Thank You – Rock River Regatta 2021 Wrap Up

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Congratulations to our 2021 Rock River Regatta Champions,

Girl Scout Troop 2257

of Oconomowoc, WI

Illuminated US Flag at Fort Atkinson High School, Night, June 19, 2021It has been a month since Rock River Regatta, and we are wrapping everything up to bring our event year to a full close. We are still waiting on patches and event ribbons to mail out to all of our units.

As I was presenting awards, I noticed I had an error on my result sheets. I accidentally had scores duplicated for an event. It made it appear that Girl Scout Troop 2257 was the sole victor of our Marlinspike Award. After fixing my mistake it turns out we had a tie. Sea Scout Ship 508 should have also been awarded a Marlinspike certificate. I will get a certificate in the mail along with your patches.

We all make mistakes and have room for improvement. This is one of the reasons we share the results of our events. If you would like to see event scores and times, please check out our Rock River Regatta 2021 Results PDF. We want you all to be ready for your next competition and to improve for next year!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Rock River Regatta 2021 a success.

I would like to thank our committee and volunteers who helped set up and judge the events. John, Shelbi, Derek and Devin. I couldn’t have done all of this without you.

Thank you Fort Atkinson High School and the Fort School District for letting us use your facilities. We hope to create a long last relationship moving forward.

I also need to thank my wife and daughter for allowing me to commit a full weekend to this event, and all the hours before and after that have taken place.