WAM 2023 Results

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Congratulations to all the youth who participated in the scouting competition this past Saturday.

Winter Amidships took place in Fond du Lac, WI; participants still feel the excitement and camaraderie that came with it. Scouts from all over Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and even as far away as the Grand Rapids, Michigan area came together to compete in various challenges and activities.

The weather was beautiful, and everyone had a great time competing in the various activities, including knot-tying, compass navigation, first aid, and more. The surprise space-themed events added an extra level of excitement and challenge to the day’s proceedings. Winter Amidships was a huge success and an excellent way for young people to come together, show off their skills, and enjoy dinner and a dance.

At the end of the day, GS Troop 2257 from Oconomowoc emerged as the winner of the Girl Scouts Division. They put on a fantastic display of skills and teamwork. Meanwhile, BSA Troop 93 from New Berlin won the top prize in the BSA/CO-ED Division and the Head-to-Head Competition between all units.

Also, for each of the two divisions, M.S. 523 from Stoughton, WI, took 2nd place in the Girl Scouts, and M.S. 361 from Roscoe, IL, took 3rd. For the BSA/CO-ED, Ship 2 from Waukesha, WI, took 2nd place, and Ship 9024 from Rockford, MI, took 3rd. Well done, all scouts!


Here are a few upcoming scouting events.

March 18th – Badger Bash in New Berlin, WI, hosted by unit 93

June 24th – Rock River Regatta in Fort Atkinson, WI, hosted by Alumni of SSS 007

July 14-16tth – Bay Jammer in Menominee, MI, hosted by Bay-Lakes Council

We’ll do our best to promote all Scouting activities in the great Midwest area as we hear about them. We’ll share them here on our website. If you have an event or activity, you would like to share. Please let us know. This way, scouts learn and share with fellow scouts.

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