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We hope to set sail and bring back Rock River Regatta to the mid-west Sea Scout, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Mariner Ship, and Venture competitions.

Rock River Regatta is a single-day event. In years past, there was a whole morning swim section and a full afternoon of events. For our first year back, swimming will not be joining us, but please be prepared to get wet as several of our events may contain water.

A list of our planned events for 2021, and descriptions, can be found in our brochure and our events pages.

I want to point out we handle several events different than other competitions.  Splicing and Code Flags all will happen at once. Meaning all units will partake at the same time.

Code Flags is a time multi-page test, with the first page containing all 36 characters, A-Z, 0-9. Followed by several phrases and a flag meaning section.  We will be posting sample tests in the future. For now, please check out our 36 flag test generator if you would like an idea of what that page will look like or if you would like to practice.

Splicing in the past has also been a 3-person event. Each team does an eye splice, back splice, and a short splice. Each team member would perform 1 splice, with the short splice joining the eye splice and back splice together after the other 2 members finish them.  This year, only one splice will be performed. We will declare it at the afternoon announcements right before Code Flags. It is recommended to have 3 members ready to go as if all three members would be needed.

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